Can a tea really jumpstart your weight loss?
The answer is YES — but not just any tea is up to the task. Only a tea that includes the exact right blend of all natural ingredients will bring you the weight loss results you are looking for.
Our Swami Mami Teatox is a unique blend of two different teas, one you drink in the morning “Get Lean” and the other “Get Clean” you drink every other night. These teas are designed to work perfectly together to help rid your body of any unwanted weight. They are safe, all-natural, herbal ingredients designed to gently cleanse the digestive tract and detoxify the body, as well as boost metabolism and reduce cravings. They are delicious blends that work wonders without any discomfort. Our tea combination is much more effective than other detox and weight loss teas on the market.
A tea blend like this will feature many ingredients for optimal efficiency and weight loss, but the three most important ingredients are:
Sencha Green Tea
Ashwagandha Root
Yerba Mate

First things first though…
Ever Wonder Why You Always Feel So Terrible?
Let’s be honest here for a minute — most of the things you put into your body on a daily basis are not good for you. People are usually reluctant to admit this, but it’s true.
What most people don’t know, is these unhealthy foods and drinks remain in your system, long after you think you have already “gotten rid of them”. All that junk has a nasty habit of taking up residence in the deepest pockets of your intestines, with no plans to leave on its own anytime soon.
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Getting the results out of your Teatox!

Because many of you may understand, there are a bunch of steps required to reaching the body you want.

Drinking our teas will help get this process started, or even re-ignite your weight loss if you’ve hit a plateau. Combining our Get Lean and Get Clean teas to your daily regimen.

For most, drinking our tea is going to be sufficient to reach results… for the others though; a change of diet and exercise is also needed. Regardless we recommend you eat right and exercise, as it’s going to do your body good.

You may have noticed us rave on about “eating foods which are mild on the gastrointestinal system” – Fresh fruits, vegetables, high fiber grains, low sugar foods are your best options. Fish is easier for your body to digest than red meat, and dairy can also cause intestinal issues so we recommend avoiding it.

Among our clients Jen in particular has a wonderful story.

We passed on diet changes and some eating ideas to her as suggested by our team.

Jen took this advice on-board and produced several positive modifications to her regular lifestyle choices and eating.

Jen emailed us lately and told us this: “Thank you so much to get me connected with teatox. I’ve been eating clean, exercising, drinking my tea daily and have dropped about 8 1/2 lbs!”

Jen’s testinony really highlights the significance of complimenting our teas with eating right an exercising. We are so happy for her, and know you can get the same results!