This weight loss tips may seem crazy, but they really do work. Would you attempt any of these strange tactics?

Eat in front of the Mirror

A recent research study has demonstrated that eating in front of mirrors leads efficiently to fat loss. Individuals who eat near the mirror are finding their desire to slash by 1 / 3 than those that don’t. I guess we don’t like watching ourselves eat!

Go Blue

It may seem odd, but blue color is an appetite-suppressant. Study also reveals the color blue signals your mind too soon that you’re complete. Protect your table with a blue fabric, serve the food on blue plates and even dress in blue for meals. Many reports say the color discourages eating.

Click The Food

Instead of maintaining a calorie count of each morsel you consume, shoot a photo of it. Save the graphics in a convenient device like your cellphone, tablet or your notebook. Keep the photographs date wise and also make sure everyday you look the photographs before heading toward meals. Looking back at what you’ve eaten within the previous days will compel you to really consider your own weight loss goals and can help hold back your own hunger pangs.

Try Tight-fitting Garments

Did you know that some French girls tie a broad ribbon around their midsection, underneath their clothing when having food? They do so to maintain their appetite in check. If the ribbon begins to feel tighter they cease eating more, while eating. This may help considerably to manage portion size and keep a slim body.

Stay in the Dark

Quite odd, but it’s been discovered that individuals who spend the majority of the time in dark rooms have better health and are healthier than individuals who prefer being encircled by powerful lights all over. There’s nothing much bizarre behind this because the notion is scientifically well-supported.

Keep it chill

Research have demonstrated that winter improves sleep and therefore helps enhance metabolism. The perfect temperature for a full night’s rest is about 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit. More comfortable sleep means a healthier you, and can increase your metabolism. Better metabolic rate helps in blood flow and enhanced digestion, therefore helping the entire body to remove unwanted toxins and fats.

This list may sound silly… but hey, you never know until you try it!

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